Tuesday, June 28, 2016

zzzquil voxbox influenster

I wont say zzzquil made me go to sleep faster but it did make me sleep easier. When I woke up I wasnt feeling tired still. I like that it comes in pill form so I dont have to drink a nasty liquid. Its not addictive like some sleepy medicine is. do I think its worth the money yes definitely if you need a nice deep sleep.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


this is a great box full of great products that you should try. my favorite is the razors because they give a close shave with out it irritating my skin and also the not your mothers clean freak because it allows me to make my hair look fresh in a hurry

Gillette Venus #ChooseToSmooth

These razors  are amazing they do not irritate the skin like others do even on the most sensitive skin. They leave my legs feeling smooth even when I haven't shaved in a little while lol. They have aloe in them so they help to moisturize your skin and that causes a lot less irritation. I like that it has 5 blades so it gets a close shave which allows me to not have to shave every day.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Best Drone By Get Childish

I have never flew a drone before in my life so this was very new to me. I had a lot of fun flying it and there was many crashes because I didnt know what I was doing it does come with instructions that helped a lot and in the end i did manage to make it do a 360 :) Even though it crashed a lot i did not break the only issue I had was once when it fell the panel that holds the battery in flew open so I had to find the battery but even that didnt break. if your children is interested in flying one this is a great one for beginners. IT does come with extra propellers and a charging cable and the only thing you need to get is 4 AA batteries because it doesnt come with them. I love the ufo design of this drone and the fact it has a alien printed in it. This is a fun drone to have the battery when fully charges last 7 minutes and you charge it for a hour but once you get flying you will be able to do some awesome bonding with your family and friends. I would say fly this in a well open field until you get the hang of it because it does fly pretty high pretty far and pretty fast and you dont want to lose it while enjoy it.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ohuhu Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp Realistic Aurora Star Borealis Projector

This night light is wonderful I love That you can change the color mode on it and how simple it is to work unlike others I have tried. You just plug it up and press the power button and you have a night light that can light up and show light patterns on the ceiling or you can rotate it down wards to light up the wall. it is great for a kids room. You can hook up music to it and it acts like a speaker also and it goes pretty loud.  You can hook it up to a computer your phone or any thing that has a 3.5 audio jack. This can be a very relaxful or romantic or even a light for a party. You can simply take the dome off the light so the light looks different on the ceiling when you have the dome on it is more misty when it is off it looks for like the northern lights. It is well made and the only thing this doesnt do that I wish it would is to make the lights go to the beat of the music but even though it doesnt do that  me and my 8 yr old nephew are very happy with it and gives it 2 thumbs up.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Baby Teether Toys

The teethers are made out of silicone so they are squishy instead of hard. They have all different types of grooves in the teething part so they give different gum massages. The holes for the hands are the perfect size for a baby to hold on they are BPA free.I like that they are extremely colorful and that they also come with baby gum/teeth brushes that go on your finger. You can put them in the freezer so it will feel better on their gums. You get 3 teethers in the set which is nice and they are all different.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ohuhu® 8pcs Lightweight Outdoor Camping Hiking Cookware

This is a very good set of camping pans its small so you dont have a heavy load to carry and it is compact-able to carry the handles fold down to give you a round shape and it all stacks very neatly on top of each other to pack it away. It nice that it comes with a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon so it doesnt scratch the pans up and it comes with a ladle that is also compact-able which comes in handy to sever. I like that it comes with its own bag so i can keep it together easily. the bag is strong and will last a long time like everything else in this set. The pans when you cook on them do not stick unless you burn your food. it comes with a rough sponge that really helps you remove anything that does stick in the pans. I do wish these were a little bigger but they are great for camping. The lid fits well on the pot so it will keep the heat in.  and it comes with 2 bowls so you dont have to take plates and such that are hard to pack.  I am very happy with the cookware set.